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what is ladbible

From feel good stories to unbelieveable real life events, we’ve got the latest community stories. The publisher emphasises, however, that it has no plans to lessen investment in Facebook, where its audience is also expanding. “[With Facebook we have] a strict hitbtc crypto exchange review schedule in terms of monetising and traffic. We have bigger teams on Facebook just because of the structure there and we know we can make money from that,” says Tyrrell. Understanding how to package its news content for Tiktok is key, says Tyrrell.

what is ladbible

Founded in 2012, LADbible Group has redefined entertainment and news for a social generation. With a global presence, and offices in the UK, Ireland and Australia, LADbible Group has grown to become one of the biggest social publishers in the world with a global audience city index broker approaching a billion. LADbible Group operates across all major social publishers including Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube and reaches 69 million monthly users across its five websites including LADbible, UNILAD, Tyla, SPORTbible and GAMINGbible.

LADbible – Bias and Credibility

Last year, Boohoo was found to have known about “endemic” problems in its Leicester factories, including a failure to pay the minimum wage and life-threatening fire risks. During the 2010s, investors poured enormous sums into so-called new media outlets such as Vice and BuzzFeed, on valuations that classed them as technology businesses. In reality, many of the companies struggled to meet financial growth targets and the market is increasingly valuing them more in line with traditional media outlets. In 2016, LADbible Group, launched an in-house creative agency, Joyride, to offer advertising on their online platforms. LadBible was founded by 31-year-old Alexander “Solly” Solomou, who retains a substantial stake but cashed in shares worth about £50m when it floated last December. Since then the share price has fallen by 65% as the market soured on media and tech stocks, leaving some investors facing hefty losses.

  1. She told BBC Radio 5 live the site was growing by 250,000 followers a week and getting 3.5 million “likes”, shares and comments on its media every day.
  2. Ladbible currently posts between three and ten videos each day to the main Ladbible Tiktok account.
  3. “Posting a video with no teaser of what the video is going to be about a lot of the time doesn’t work,” she says.
  4. After graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a BA in Media, Journalism and Publishing, he got a job freelance writing for SPORTbible while working in marketing before landing a full-time role at LADbible.

Ladbible currently posts between three and ten videos each day to the main Ladbible Tiktok account. “We’ve definitely found that having someone work on the accounts full-time increases the following at a faster pace. It is possible, however, to build communities on Tiktok by marshalling resources from other platforms and departments,” says Tyrrell. The Brit has won 13 world titles in his time as head of the team at Red Bull, initially starting as a 31-year-old in 2005. “I won’t comment on anonymous speculation, but to reiterate, I have always denied the allegations,” Horner said in a statement read out to journalists by a team spokesman on behalf of him. It’s like Buzzfeed pretending their audience aren’t twee, irritating, insecure Bake-Off fans or Vice isn’t read by people who took Zeitgeist too seriously. What the Lad Bible have come up with here is a broad, generic, flavourless definition that could be any guy in the UK.

Bentley’s LinkedIn has not been updated since he ran Unilad. Bentley, Harrington and Quinlan all declined interview requests for this story. After the administrator was appointed, LADbible bought up £5 million of Unilad’s £10 million debt, making them their rivals’ largest creditor. The full figure paid by LADbible for the takeover was not disclosed, but they clearly felt they got what they paid for, saying at the time that the deal “makes us the largest social video publisher ever”. Staff were told they’d be paid that month’s salary in instalments. LADBible had long loomed large over their rival’s offices.

The company now brands itself as an “environmentally and socially responsible business” that aims “to give the youth generation a voice by building communities that laugh, think and act”. Walker managed to claw back about £5,500 of what he was owed by Unilad, after taking a hard drive containing client material hostage, but he’s still owed around £3,500 in unpaid invoices. “I said, ‘Do you not feel like this is karma? There are people with genuinely small businesses… turning up at the office. This is what you do all the time. You are getting what you deserve right now.” Quinlan seemed surprised.

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One of the co-founders of LadBible, a digital platform that creates content aimed at young men, has decided not to return to work after taking a seven-month sabbatical from the business. Born in Malaysia and raised in Dubai, he has always been interested in writing about a range of subjects, from sports to trending pop culture news. canadian forex review After graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a BA in Media, Journalism and Publishing, he got a job freelance writing for SPORTbible while working in marketing before landing a full-time role at LADbible. Unfortunately, he’s unhealthily obsessed with Manchester United, which takes its toll on his mental and physical health.

LADbible’s biggest awareness campaign to date, ‘Trash Isles’, was designed to highlight the global problem of plastic pollution in oceans. LADbible Group publishes original and acquired content,[22][23] including editorial, video, and documentary material, some of which is broadcast live. Their content covers entertainment and celebrity interviews, as well as news and current affairs. They also run campaigns on subjects intended to interest a young market, such as mental health, the environment and political matters. Insiders at the company suggested the future of the business could hinge on whether it can successfully expand into the US, where it has opened an office and hired a small number of staff ahead of a full launch next year.

Just four months after Sara’s Las Vegas trip, Unilad would collapse into administration, before being bought by arch-rival LadBible at a knockdown price. Although Tiktok is one of the world’s fastest-growing social networks, Facebook remains a huge priority for Ladbible Group and is still the biggest audience driver for its brands. Ladbible posts around 150 videos and 100 articles per day on its Facebook pages, where it has a following on Facebook of 160 million, according to data shared with Press Gazette by the publisher. The collapse of one of the biggest Facebook publishers caused doubts to swirl around new media. The prospect of building a lasting business on social platforms appeared fraught with risk after Unilad succumbed to debts of more than £6m.

In 2012, Laura Bates, of Everyday Sexism, accused the company’s UniLad site of “encouraging rape culture” and “a culture of misogyny sickeningly disguised as ‘banter’”. Solomou said it was a strong performance against a “tough macroeconomic backdrop” and demonstrated engagement with “the hard-to-reach 18- to 34-year-old demographic”. In a statement, Solomou thanked his “good friend” Kalantari for “his support over the years, both in terms of the vital contribution to the founding of the business and the years of success that have been achieved since”. This statement follows Red Bull’s statement that was published yesterday (28 February) following an investigation. “I respected the integrity of the independent investigation and fully cooperated with it every step of the way,” Horner’s statement continued.

what is ladbible

Still, speculation reached fever pitch when someone trailed the announcement by taping a T-shirt to the front door of Unilad’s London office out of hours, with the words UNILAD EXPOSED printed on it. “Posting a video with no teaser of what the video is going to be about a lot of the time doesn’t work,” she says. “The most important thing is just spending time on Tiktok and seeing what kind of content is doing well and getting an understanding of why. Was it because it used a trending sound or did it use the in-built filter features?” says Tyrrell. “The important thing is also to make it look native so it’s like the content that people engage with from their friends and creators on Tiktok.” “We’ve already built up such big followings there that when the monetisation does get turned on, we’re already in a great position to start making money,” she says. In contrast, there’s still no direct way to monetise content on Tiktok.

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LadBible Group spans five websites – LadBible,Unilad, Tyla, SportBible and GamingBible – where it has attracted 69m monthly users to the content it fires across Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. “The Buzzfeed IPO was unsurprisingly disappointing for the many other advertising-reliant digital native media companies watching,” she says. “That’s a type of content that lends itself to social media, whereas it was never a lever that Loaded or Zoo could pull.” Back in June of 2018, few people had any idea of Unilad’s looming catastrophe. Although many of the former staffers I spoke to had gripes about Unilad management and pay, these were also the glory days. The site where “Sexual Mathematics” appeared was founded in 2010 by Alex Partridge, a former private school pupil and student at Oxford Brookes University.

Solomou will seek to cast aside preconceptions again when he takes the business to the public markets. Kamani is making way for Boohoo co-founder Carol Kane, who will become a non-executive director. The company could now pursue expansion in the US, where it has a large audience but no staff.

Alexander “Solly” Solomou, who created the Manchester-based media company while studying business management at the University of Leeds, has cashed in shares worth £50m and retains a stake worth about £150m in the listed LadBible Group. LadBible, one of the UK’s biggest online media success stories, is sacking 10% of its staff following a slump in its share price and a warning about tough trading conditions. For many publishers however, including Ladbible, Tiktok is a key way to reach coveted younger audiences. According to the 2022 Reuters Institute Digital News Report, 68% of Tiktok users are aged between 18 and 34. Ladbible told Press Gazette last year that its group’s brands collectively reach two-thirds of this demographic in the UK.

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“I think he was taken aback that someone had finally told him he was a dickhead.” After seeking legal advice, Harry took the LADbible job, but he still had to work his notice period. “I wasn’t allowed in the office, but they made me write really long articles that weren’t read or published,” he says. “They’d literally disappear into a black hole.” Unilad switched all the bylines on Harry’s stories to the pseudonym “Christopher Blunt”, effectively erasing his entire body of work.

A video Unilad uploaded of a man playing Pie Face with his son had 183 million views (four years on, it’s up to 205 million views). Ladbible Group’s female-focused brand Tyla, for example, has seen success posting Tiktok features tied into news stories. Following the Queen’s death, Tyla posted a video of images of the Queen overlaid with “inspiring” facts about her life which Tyrrell says garnered over a million views. It set up Joyride, a creative agency designed to extract more money from advertisers targeting its younger audience, before gulping down rival online publisher, Unilad, when it plunged into administration in 2018. Such has been the rise of the 10-year-old media minnow that it is now primed to take its growth story to the public markets.

It was June of 2018, and former colleague Simon Swales had set up an anonymous blog, Unilad Exposed, threatening to release damaging material about the company’s senior staff members. The publisher, says Tyrrell, also rarely posts the same video across different platforms, making sure that clips are customised to what works best on each platform. Text, for example, is one thing that works well on Tiktok in her view. “As the platforms continue to make more money obviously it means we can bring in more talent to work on those platforms. But we’ve got so many people who are experts on all of them already that we’re in quite a good position.” Entertaining viral video content, much of it user-generated, helps the publisher build up its followings when accounts are first launched, says Rebecca Tyrrell, Ladbible’s group Tiktok and Instagram lead. The company’s biggest and best-known brand, Ladbible, currently counts 11.5 million followers on Tiktok – almost three times as many as the next biggest British newsbrand in Press Gazette’s top 50 rankings according to a recent Press Gazette analysis.